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Social Media: The 2 things that can KILL a business!


Social media is the way to go if you are a business owner and want to get things started with marketing. There are the dos and don’ts of social media etiquette that can really kill your brand before you even get started. Here are 5 things to avoid when building a brand on social media.

1. Letting people in your personal life

Some business owners have a business page where their clients can go to ask questions, get to their business and see the entire vision come to life. That’s fine until you let your clients into your personal world by allowing them to be your friend on Facebook through your personal page. Why is this an issue? Well lets say you love talking politics on your personal page and you give your opinion on a certain issue. Your client that didn’t know you personally let alone your political stance see’s your post and thinks your out of your mind. The problem now is that loyal client no longer wants to connected with you in any form or fashion which means you lost a customer.

You think that just because you are a nice person, have amazing products and have great conversation that your clients will love you no matter what? WRONG!! As soon as they see you views on certain things, they saw that crazy night out last night, you complain about your work from time to time or anything that is on your personal page they may stop dealing with you. Don’t ADD YOUR CLIENTS TO YOUR PERSONAL PAGES! You need to make all your pages completely private.  Which brings me to my next tip.

2. Clean up your social media pages

Okay so your a business owner now and people that are on your personal pages see that you have started a business but don’t take you seriously due to your current attitude on social media. So here is what you do immediately…

  1. Remove all inappropriate pictures
  2. Unfriend all people who are not exactly the type you will take to a networking meeting.
  3. Delete all political or controversial post
  4. Lock your page up like fortnox
  5. Delete all your negative post about your day, other people and businesses
  6. Manage who tags you in their post and set up a block just incase your tagged in some crazy stuff.
  7. Post only good, clean and positive stuff.

I know this can’t be done all in one day but spend 10-15 minutes a day cleaning up your personal pages until you stop seeing weird and crazy stuff from other people. I know your family maybe on your friends list but you need to have a conversation that they be mindful about what they post on their page or tag you in due to you building and cleaning up your reputation. If they can’t get with it then remove them and keep going. You have to protect your personal brand which in turn is your business brand.

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