Money,  Mrs.Parker Tip

Money to BURN?


This is why you NEED money saved before you start vending

  1. You will spend a couple of hundred dollars ( that’s the low end for some) before you even pay for the booth space. So before you even pull out your wallet for a market you need to establish your business, build a brand and find your tribe.
  2. Products and packaging cost money and you should definitely  invest in it because people shop off emotions and appearances. If you have crappy product and then back door with crappy packaging then don’t expect to make money anyway at market.
  3. You have to buy the basic booth set up which consist of 10×10 tent, 6ft. table and 2 chairs. This can run anywhere from free if you borrow ( which will get annoying after awhile) to $200 depending on how shopping savvy you are. This doesn’t include booth decor to set an certain atmosphere around your products and to give the customer a unique experience.
  4. You haven’t sold a darn thing yet. Yes if you follow my advice in recent and future post you can make a killing before you take your product to market. Going to market is NOT for selling products it’s for networking and if someone happens to love what you have then that’s a bonus. There are steps to getting to market and being successful.

The fact of the matter is this, you do not want to go broke( literally) trying to go to market. You do not want to use your living expenses ( rent, mortgage, car note and light bill) trying to pay for any of the above things I talked about. You DO NOT want to go through the embarrassment going to market with a half done booth and hardly any products or literature. Keep watching for my post and you will learn what to do before you go to market and save yourself the headache.

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