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Finding YOUR Tribe


So you got all your stuff in order and you are ready to tell the world but you don’t know where to start and no one seems to care.

What is a tribe?

Your tribe is your community, the people who support the stuff you have to offer, these people think like you and have similar habits. You can find them on social media faster then meeting them on the street but you have to be smart.

For example, if your business is about organic skin care then you need to create content on your business page(hopefully you already created one) about, in and around this topic. Also don’t think you can be slick and copy and paste from someone else because it will be painfully obvious later and it’s not really ethical.

Do this on your personal page FIRST ( I know I said keep your personal page private but just do this for a month + you should have cleaned that up by now)

People who are looking for organic skin care are wanting to know four things. 1. What it looks like 2. Results 3. Where they can get it 4. How much it cost. You don’t want to post a picture (especially if it’s not yours) and post “BUY MY STUFF”. These people shouldn’t just read what you have to say about it but they need to see it on your face, before and after pictures, the labeling on the product, videos of you explaining how to apply and whatever else you can think of.

When your on social media the best way to reach more people is through video. Facebook will put your video in front of more people because videos are hot (plus people don’t like to read these days). In your video you will not talk about your business and what all you have to offer. I know that sounds crazy but there is a method to the madness.

What to say in your first video/post ( video is better and this is an example)

“This face mask I’ve been using for the past month has been working wonders on my dry skin and pores.” You will say this while showing the product on your face and holding the actual container in your hand with the labeling showing. You need to do this example with all your (meaning your actual products but the world doesn’t know they are yours yet) products spaced out at least 3 times a week. After awhile people will start getting the pattern of you going live or posting videos throughout the week around the same time. They will start asking you questions like “What else does YOUR COMPANY NAME have to fix this and that.” This is what you want to happen and this is when you direct them to your website. Hold up Tiffany what about my business page? That’s the last place you want them to end up. Send them to you nicely done website and they can poke around and visit your e-commerce ( They still don’t know it’s you) and purchase that face mask and scrub you was raving about. BOOM, BINGGO and SHAZAAM!

What happens when they bite?

You got your first customer and they let you know that they just got the product you was talking about 2 days ago on social media so now you let them in on your secret. WRONG! You go live that day and talk about your bomb shampoo that has grown your hair 6 inches in the last 6 months. Next thing you know Sally Sue pops on and says she just got this brand ( Your brand but they don’t know that yet) and she just tried it and loves the way it feels. Well once you have one you pretty much have them all because now someone other than you is talking about “this product”.

You keep posting content and doing your lives, posting the website and the orders keep coming in and after about a month that is when you direct your customers to your social media business page. That is when they find out that you are the creator of these AMAZING products they have been using. At this point you have FOUND YOUR TRIBE!!! These people loved your stuff before they knew it was you behind the magic which you have gained and will keep your clients.

Your tribe knows and trust you when it comes to skin care so they will spread the word, keep purchasing, they will wait on your videos and they will stay loyal. These are the people who will follow you to market and bring their friends and family with them and now you have created your personal network. All you have to do is keep feeding good content in your niche and build from there.

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