Basic Budget Sheet for Dummies


You will be surprised how many people actually do not know how much money is in their bank account at any given time. Well I have a very simple way to keep track of your daily balance for the brand new folks in the finance game(yes it’s a game that people are loosing tragically). You can type this up, write it down or put it in an excel file but this does not have to be complicated. I just write mine down in a notebook.

Example: You need to do this everyday and every week so you will see how much you spend on average per day, week or month

Monday July 2, 2018 (Every day there should be a new balance hopefully more then what the previous day was)

Open balance:$300.00 Get on your phone, computer or tablet and log into your accounts and add up what you have and put that number right here. I don’t understand how people wake up every morning and do not check their balances in their accounts or the market.

Pending balance:$150.00  This is money(total)that will be FOR SURE deposited into your account the next day if you have anything coming in. There isn’t anything wrong counting pending funds!

Closing balance:$450.00  This is where you put your balance of the total funds in your accounts at the end of the day. Now the end of the day for me is 10pm but for you it can be another time. Hopefully it’s more then what you started out with.




Sunday July 8, 2018

Open balance: $800.00 what you ended with the day before unless you got an overnight deposit.

Pending balance:$ 300.00 if you have anything being deposited.

Closing balance: $1,100.00 What you ended the day with hopefully it’s more then what your opening balance was.

Weeks total of funds available in accounts: $1,100.00 At the end of your financial day this is your total.  

And you start the next week with Sunday’s closing balance as your opening (Unless you got a deposit overnight) 

Hopefully you didn’t spend a lot and hopefully the number goes up every day/week. After about two weeks you can compare your numbers and see how much money you have spent or how much money you have gained. I have started this and now I am very mindful of where I stand financially day by day and week by week.

This is how I plan my every day spending, bill spending, splurge spending and set financial goals. I want my numbers to go up every day so every move I make in my business and personal life is intentional based on what my financial goal(How much money is in my account at the end of the day)is for the week.

You and I need to know every dollar coming in and going out. You can make this as complicated as you like based off your life but I keep it simple because money isn’t hard but it’s black and white. Either you save or you spend. Your broke or your building wealth. PERIOD.



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