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3 Personal Branding Secrets No One Tells You


  1. Participation Proof: When you are trying to build your personal brand in a particular industry it is important that you show participation in that industry. I see people who say they are a speaker, authors, or health coaches whose social media pages and online presence do not represent them being an expert in that industry. You need SOCIAL PROOF of you DOING THE WORK… you need to document your work.
  2. Be apart of the conversation starter: If you are going to growing your personal brand and position yourself as an expert in your industry whenever there is a new trend or something happening you need to be one of the FIRST to be talking about it. Not only does this shows your expertise in the industry but it shows that you have a handle on what is going on and that you are actively researching your industry at all times. This allows you to partake in the viral content when people are actively searching for solutions to the issues or problems within the industry and your content will be the first to show up.
  3. Why Me Strategy: If you are going to grow a successful brand you need to ask yourself why would anyone want to work with you, offer you a book deal or ask you to speak. Why would someone want to give you space in their magazine or their podcast to hear what you have to say. If you want to really be a game changer and memorable in your industry you need to me strategically innovative as well. You need to start thinking about original ideas. How can you take all the stuff you learned and all the experiences in your life and create a unique formula, new idea or way of thinking that you can replicated overtime that is YOURS. This is where the money and magic happens by setting yourself apart and how to be sought after.


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