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Why Do You Do This?

I have been to many different market’s, hosted market’s, read reviews on market’s including reviews on my market’s and have seen some crazy stuff coordinators are doing out here.

1. Response Time – Non Existent for some coordinators 

It kills me when I go through all the vendor groups on Facebook and see vendors complaining about not ever hearing from event coordinators when they are trying to book an event. Not only do they not hear from them before the event but during the event the coordinators are nowhere to be found or just never shows up to the event in the first place.


Coordinator’s check your email, voicemail, Facebook messages or whatever you use because you are literally throwing money out the door.

  1. Check your email morning , noon and at night and respond to them. If you don’t hear from a potential vendor follow-up in 24 hr. with a text message if you have their number.
  2. Stay connected on your social media pages! You need to show up everyday for your vendors and provide content and be available to answer questions.
  3. Show up to your events! The amount of vendors that say they NEVER met the coordinator or heard anything from them after they have paid is CRAZY. You need to go around at least one time and try to introduce yourself and thank your vendors for coming out. It’s only polite.

2.  Paper Applications?- This is not the Dark Ages 

Why do you have a paper application? We are in 2018 and we have way too many resources and FREE at that for you to have paper anything. Add an online application to your website so your vendors do not have to do work and then pay you at the same time to come to your market.


If you use WordPress as your website host it’s free and simple to add a “form” to your website.

3. Charging one vendor different from another for the same event and space-Where they do that at??

I saw a post about this happening and I was thinking you have to be desperate or just plan silly to do this and not think the word wouldn’t get out. It’s not cool and you will lose vendor’s business and trust. If it’s hard to close a vendor because of your pricing then don’t offer lower because your devaluing your event’s worth,  you appear desperate and when it get’s out that you did this then people are going to want the same price and you will have a situation.


Just don’t do it.  


That is all.

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