You know that hobby that everyone is telling you how amazing you are and you should turn it into a business? Well before you take that road here are a few questions to ask yourself.

What is my product?

You would think this is an easy answer but there are many people who cannot articulate their ideas. If you cannot answer this is a short few sentences maybe you she reevaluate what it is you are trying to do in your to be business.

Is it a problem solver?

Does your business solve a problem that the majority needs? Can this idea bring more happiness to others and not just yourself. Many of the great inventions were created because the inventor found a problem that compelled them to make a difference for themselves and others .

Does it already exist? 

So you can make whatever out there better or come up with something brand spanking new. Most entrepreneurs love their idea so much and are so motivated they forget to see if it is as unique as possible or they do not bother to check to see if something already exists.