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The Beauty of a Farmer’s Market

Freshed picked fruits and veggies to the freshly roasted coffee and warm baked bread the farmer’s market is full of smells, taste and beauty.

Touching and eating things that have recently been in the ground makes you feel that much closer to the earth. As you go through the frankly sensual process of gathering, preparing, and eating a Farmers Market meal, you will feel clean.
There is less of an intermediary between your food and yourself. I’m sure you have thwarted the takeout container and the hastily prepared meal. You are reminded that the tons of concrete, steel, glass, and miles of electrical wiring that surround you can’t entirely obscure the innate relationship of your body to nature.
So take the time this week to find one perfect peach or tomato or ear of corn. Look at its shape and color. Feel its texture. Inhale its fragrance. And then don’t do anything else while you eat it. Being mindful of our senses offers us a deeper, more satisfying experience of ourselves and of the natural world in which we reside.
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