The Living Truth

Look deep into yourself. Are you who you say you are? Do you act the way you want to be treated? Are you living your real truth? So what is a “Real Truth?”

Your real truth is the face that no one sees when you are at home behind closed doors. You know when you really love dressing up in controversial apparel. You know when you sing at the top of your lungs and can kill Beyonce in one note. You know when you can take a computer apart and put it back together in perfect condition.

You were given that face at birth because that’s the one that will have people falling in love with you. That’s the one that will make you a good living. That’s the one that will teach others to love each other. You yourself that no one sees is the creation that everyone wants to get to know. So shed those fake, I’m 100, I hate and love this but secretly can’t stand face and wear what the good Lord gave you and live your life the way it was intended.

#selfworth #Live #Love #Life #Truth

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