5 things you should do the night before going to market.

If you have participated in a market you know the amount of preparation that it takes to create a magnetic booth. You also know that you can forget the most important things to bring with you to actually conduct business. So here is your checklist!

  1. Bring enough cash-We do live in a plastic world but cash is still KING! Make sure you bring enough cash to be able to make change for a customer. The last thing you want is to lose a sale because you could not make change.
  2. Contact information– How can people contact you after the market? You need to make sure you have your business cards or brochures ready to hand out and make sure you have more than enough. You NEVER KNOW WHO WILL POP UP.
  3. Bring enough products– Remember that time when you went to a market and underestimated the number of people attending and you ran out of products half way through? Please bring enough product to last the entire show because it’s better to have items left over then to have nothing available when a customer comes to shop your booth.
  4. Customer Service– You have to be nice to everyone and yes even the shoppers who do not buy anything. You never know if they will buy at a later date or recommend you. You are the biggest part of your brand and if you are not giving good customer service do not expect a ROI or return on investment.
  5. BREATH!!– With all the hustling that comes with preparing, execution and following up with going to markets you have to remember to relax. The night before make sure you go over your checklist early in the evening so you can wind down at a good time. Go to bed a bit earlier than you normally would so you can be fresh for market the next day and whatever is stressing you out eliminate it.

Published by Tiffany Parker

Life has taken me in a direction I would have never picked for myself. I was born in a land that they described today as a war zone and raised by the strongest baby boomers of their generation. Graduated from a school of hard knocks a year early and fell into the arms of a transformed man. Found God then turned my back and crawled back when I realized I couldn’t do it by myself. Married a man who pulled out my gifts and helped me strengthen my talents and we introduced our version of ole blue eyes. We started selling coffee but this time without the siren on our backs and created our own brand of coffee that we occasionally sale at our community events. My life story is a secret but if you follow closely you just may see me.

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