Can’t Go to Market?
That’s cool I can help YOU Sale Virtually 


I have figured out a way to where the Koutour Event facebook page can be used to help small businesses generate sales. I can add your products to the Koutour Event shop tab that is located at the TOP of our Facebook page. This helps you as small business get eyes on your products using another businesses following. Every week I will change the featured product section(the first 5 products shown to page visitors). 

How does it works?

1. You will send me a picture of your product.
2. You will send me the link to your product.
3. You will send me the description if needed.
4. You will be placed in the featured items section.


1. People who have small followings and want to grow.
2. People who want a fresh set of eyes on their products.
3. People who need another sales funnel to add to what they currently have.

What happens if someone wants to purchase?

They click on your item and it takes them directly to your store where the item can be purchased. I do not see any money, client information or have anything to do with shipping or delivery.

Benefits for you and all involved?

1. Helps build brand and product awareness for you since you are putting your products in front of new customers.
2. If you are a vendor with us you can keep using Koutour Event a sales funnel outside of going to market.
3. Builds the brand awareness for Koutour Event  which in turns brings more people to our Kingwood markets.

What happens after I pay?
I will contact you within 24 hrs. to retrieve the following information and then your items will be posted the same day.
1. Your Pictures
2. Your product description
3. Price of item

How do I pay?

This is only going to cost you $10 per product and you can keep your product in the shop for the entire month!

Published by Tiffany Parker

Hi, I’m Tiffany Parker! Kingwood has been my home now for 26 years and I am so in love with the community. I am currently a community event organizer, I became a full-time mother and business owner in 2018. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful son and husband, I am working on Koutour Event, Coffee, Body & Soul and Parker’s Cup!

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