Let’s Connect and get Organized!

Hello! I have some updates for all vendors who are scheduled for 2020-2021 Kingwood Koutour Event markets!

New method of vendor communication

I am now using the Teamup Calendar to keep track of all vendors and what markets they have signed up. Please be on the look out for your custom vendor calendar link from Teamup Calendar that only you and I can view. You can do the following…

👉🏾View all your dates
👉🏾Add comments
👉🏾Ask questions
👉🏾Let me know of any attendance issues.
👉🏾You will be able to see the dates of all markets you are not attending just in case you need to add, cross reference or looking for a replacement date.
👉🏾Upload photos and videos

This is the ONLY way I will communicate the event logistics and any vendor related news and updates. There is also an app for easy access

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