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E.Z.I.Z Cookies

E.z.i.z Cookies produce and sell specialized cookies. We give our customers the very best. We give extreme satisfaction through the joy of eating a good cookie. We sell these specialized cookies to consumers and businesses throughout the Houston area.

The business structure is LLC operating under entrepreneur Erica Austin. Erica has a passion for baking and she loves cookies! Erica went to Houston Community College and obtained a degree perfecting her culinary skills and has been in business expressing her gift and talent since 2016.

Lonestar Sausage & BBQ BBQ Restaurant

Lonestar Sausage came into fruition in 2016. I made sausage in my home. Crafting home made sausage became my forte which ultimately pushed me head first into bbq. In 2019 we added the word “
BBQ” . Lonestar Sausage & BBQ is one of few BBQ JOINTS specializing in several kinds of House Made Links..

” I am most proud of the taste that is reminiscent of when I was a child. The way my Grandfather used to make it many years ago. Traditional wood smoked meats, coupled with the perfect blends of spices and our own Mason’s BBQ Sauce… produces our quality meats and side dishes, Great BBQ always has these characteristics, that I believe in … see you soon ” Kevin ~ Owner

Its Love With Tiff

My name is Tiffany, a wife, a mother of 3 beautiful children and the owner of It’s Love With Tiff. I began my journey with cooking at a very early age learning the patience, skills and love for cooking from my grandmother. No, I never attended culinary school, I’m self-taught with an unlimited amount of creativity. My passion for cooking has translated to my love on a plate.

However, I did receive two bachelor degrees in Psychology & Biology from Prairie View A&M University, one of the greatest HBCUs around. As the slogan goes Prairie View Produces Productive People. After being furloughed and laid off shortly after due to COVID-19, I decided to step out on faith and use my God given talent & passion for cooking.

I take pride in the work that I do and in the relationships that I’ve built with my clients. I am a firm believer in working hard and praying even harder! The food speaks for itself! From the presentation, quality, portions and taste! I prepare individual and family meals, and I also offer catering services for small and large events. My desire is to satisfy all of my clients taste buds and be sure they feel a little love on the end of the fork. Explore my menu, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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