Can’t Go to Market? That’s cool I can help YOU Sale Virtually    I have figured out a way to where the Koutour Event facebook page can be used to help small businesses generate sales. I can add your products to the Koutour Event shop tab that is located at the TOP of our Facebook page.Continue reading “Easy-Commerce”

DON’T Drink The Kool-Aid

Entrepreneurship is not for the timid. It’s not that it takes tremendous amounts of courage, but you do need a certain tenacity to hit the ground running every morning when you swing your feet out of bed. Myth 1. You have to know what you’re doing. You actually don’t need to know exactly what you’reContinue reading “DON’T Drink The Kool-Aid”

Business Owner vs Self Employed

The major difference between self-employed vs small business owner Self employed entrepreneurs are those who do business as a sole proprietor or independent contractor or are in part-time business for themselves. They do not have employees and do not hire contractors in most cases. Most direct sales companies fall in this category and they fileContinue reading “Business Owner vs Self Employed”