Book and Bring a Friend for FREE!

I am giving you an opportunity to help and bless someone else using my business, Koutour Event. It’s super simple and easy! Step 1- You book a market or a few.Step 2- You invite a friend to set up THEIR OWN booth for FREE for every market you attend. What’s the catch nothing. Vendor DealsContinue reading “Book and Bring a Friend for FREE!”

How to TARGET Your Audience


1. What is a Target Audience.
2. How to determine your Target Audience.
3. Why it is necessary and why you need to be laser focused.

Definitions I will go over.

Target Audience- This is your ideal customer or client that you want to consume your content, product or service.
Actual Audience- This is who is actually consuming your content, product or service.

How do You create a Target Audience?

1. Finding what makes you special and stand out.
2. Your passions and things that make you wake up everyday.

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You’re unprepared…and it shows

You get to the show, but you’ve forgotten part of your display, bags for people to carry their goods out, selling slips, or enough products to restock when things get low. I see this at the market’s I host and it drives me up the wall. Before you bust a grape(pay for any market) you shouldContinue reading “You’re unprepared…and it shows”

Build your Audience BEFORE going to Market!

Before you go through the hassle of being a full time vendor try these ideas to grow your business first. Once you have actually tried these and you still feel in your hearts of hearts that you need to set up a booth then go for it. The upside of you doing these task beforeContinue reading “Build your Audience BEFORE going to Market!”