The Benefits of Community Service

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, high school is a great time to try things that you haven’t done before – including volunteering. Students may think it’s not worth their time to get involved in the community because it doesn’t pay like a normal job would. However, there are several benefits that volunteering can [...]


Why Fall is the Most Positive Season

The romantic poet William Cullen Bryant called autumn “the year’s last, loveliest smile.” And on one of the many perfectly crisp, cool, brilliant fall days most of us are lucky enough to enjoy, with leaves crunching underfoot and cinnamon smells wafting from our ovens, the fall is just that—lovely. There’s wistfulness in the mention of [...]


Create an EASY method of Communication I have ran into issues with communicating with vendors because I would use so many avenues such as email, phone( texting), Facebook messenger or Instagram. While all these are really good it can become very confusing and complicated in the long run. I believe you should use email when [...]

Event Coordination Tip #1

Utilize Event Planning Software or Online Document Storage While your event binders should include all of the most important details of the each event in hard copy, the rest of your reference notes, ideas and correspondence should also be kept organized and together. Today, many event planners use event planning and management software, but many [...]

The Cultural Significance of the Farmers Market

Farmers markets are important for many reasons.  Foremost, they are important because they are the critical component in rebuilding local food economies. By providing a cost-effective, retail sales opportunity for local food producers, farmers markets help make farming profitable. By making farming profitable, we preserve farmland and farmers and have encouraged a new generation to take-up farming. Farmers [...]

The Beauty of a Farmer’s Market

Freshed picked fruits and veggies to the freshly roasted coffee and warm baked bread the farmer's market is full of smells, taste and beauty. Touching and eating things that have recently been in the ground makes you feel that much closer to the earth. As you go through the frankly sensual process of gathering, preparing, [...]