Event Logistics


Address: 8 N Main St. Kingwood, Texas 77339

Date: September 1,2018

Setup Time: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Tiffany Parker or Team will be there at 7:00 am-8:00am

Showtime: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Breakdown: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Thank you all for coming out and participating in Koutour Event Market !

All vendors will receive the schedule for the day by email. I HIGHLY suggest everyone reads, makes a copy and prints it out and bring it with them to market. We are 100% sure that you will get questions from the guest about the days events and it will be helpful for you and us if all who are involved was on the same page. 

Vending Space Layout

All vendors need to check in at the Koutour booth that will be located on the stage in the center of the park.  The Koutour Event team will have a list of vendor names of the person who paid not the help they have coming. If your name or you do not give the name of the person who paid is not on the list you will not be allowed to participate at this market.

All vendors are free to choose where they want to setup and it is first come first serve. You are only allowed to setup on the grass in the park. You are not allowed to drive your truck and cars into the park at anytime. You need to unload your things and then go park behind the businesses because we do not want to block parking or traffic for shoppers.

Food trucks need to park behind the brick crosswalk as shown and labeled on the map.

What to bring 

  1.  10×10 tent if need be
  2. Chairs to sit down if need be
  3. 6 ft. tables that fit inside your tent space
  4. Extension cords incase you need electricity ( not guaranteed)
  5. Food vendors need to be prepared to have a back up if you do not get access to electricity.
  6. Business literature to pass out to the public
  7. Booth music to create an atmosphere centered around your products
  8. Battery operated fan


  1. Do not go around asking other vendors if they believe this market was worth it or if they made any money. It is none of your business what they have made, it brings the moral of the event down and no one wants a Negative Nancy around. If you are one of these people believe it when I say that other vendors let me know even when you think they agree with you. They ask me to not let vendors like that come back.
  2. NO PACKING UP EARLY !! Packing up is down right rude and tells me and the other vendors that you do not care about the hard work and sacrifices we did to be there and have a great market.
  3. Please stay within the black boundary that is drawn out in thick black lines on the map.


1. Hopefully I will see vendors who have a helper walking around passing out your information and talking about your products and services.
2. Hopefully we will have active vendors meaning that you are not sitting on their phones the whole time, speaking and standing as shoppers walk by and communicating with you neighboring vendors.
3. Everyone should take pictures of their booths and products and post them to the Koutour Event Facebook page. Everyone should share the market on their pages and let their network know they are there in the flesh and ready to talk.
4. If you have children make sure they understand that they cannot play with other vendors products without permission.




If you have ANY QUESTIONS please email us at koutourevent@gmail.com. Please do not contact us via social media because we may not receive your message.