Event Logistics


Address: 8 N Main St. Kingwood, Texas 77339

Date: December 8,2018

Setup Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Tiffany Parker or Team will be there at 8:00-8:30 AM

Showtime: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Breakdown: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Thank you all for coming out and participating in Koutour Event Market !

All vendors should bring

  1. Chairs to sit down if need be
  2. 6 ft. tables that fit inside your tent space
  3. Extension cords in case you need electricity (not guaranteed)
  4. Food vendors need to be prepared to have a back up if you do not get access to electricity.
  5. Business literature to pass out to the public
  6. Booth music to create an atmosphere centered around your products
  7. Battery operated fan
  8. Lighting!! I suggest battery operated lighting.


You are not allowed to drive your truck and cars into the park at anytime. You need to unload your things and then go park behind the businesses because we do not want to block parking or traffic for shoppers. If you need help and we have staff available to help we will be happy to help you unload.



1. Hopefully I will see vendors who have a helper walking around passing out your information and talking about your products and services.
2. Hopefully we will have active vendors meaning that you are not sitting on their phones the whole time, speaking and standing as shoppers walk by and communicating with you neighboring vendors.
3. Everyone should take pictures of their booths and products and post them to the Koutour Event Facebook page. Everyone should share the market on their pages and let their network know they are there in the flesh and ready to talk.
4. If you have children make sure they understand that they cannot play with other vendors products without permission.

You will be assigned a booth number and that is where you set up. There will be someone there to guide you to your space.

Performance Schedule

12pm to 2pm- Creating for Care

Deerwood Elementary 4th and 5th graders in the Creating for Care program- singing

2pm to 2:245pm– David Jooste- Singing 

3pm to 3:30pm – The GEE BOYS- Rapping

3:45pm to 4:15pm– David Jooste- Singing 

Attraction Schedule

12pm to 2pm– Pictures with Santa Phil on the stage

2pm to 4pm– Vintage Carousel Ride

5pm to 6pm– Trackless Train Ride

12pm to 6pm– Bungee Jumping



Vendor’s and Space Numbers: I cannot rearrange anyone due to time.

NAMES IN GREEN ARE SANTA LITTLE ELVES AKA Children under 13 businesses and they leave at 3pm if they like.


  1. Amal Sugar and Spice Med.- Food Truck- W16 & W17
  2.  Usborne- N36
  3. Furr Baby Bakery- N13
  4. Tupperware & Tissue TAMI- Lila Referral-W15
  5. Red Door Realty and Associates- W9
  6. Pruvit- N26
  7. Saucy Creations- N25
  8. Premier Design – N24
  9. Diginity Memoral- N23
  10. She’s Crafty- N22
  11. Envy by J- N21
  12. Joyful & Free Children’s Clothing-N20
  13. Pampered Chef & Quilted Ornaments- N19
  14. The GUD Life- N27
  15. Magnolia and Vine- N28
  16. PAVAO Children’s Author- N30
  17. Basil & Bee- 2x- N31 & N32
  18. D’CALLN 5- N33
  19. Pure Intentions- N18
  20. Triple S Soaps- E9
  21. Wihmsy Word Search Coloring Books- N15
  22. All State- N14
  23. JFL Wreaths &Designs- N12
  24. Living Life with the Houstons– W8
  25. Buster Brew’s-E4
  26. Creations IsaSerr-N11
  27. Cachito de cielo- N35
  28. Sophia’s Fanciful Creations- W1
  29. Action Jackson- W2
  30. Bells Lip Balm– W3
  31. Kiddo Slime- W11
  32. Jacquelines Boutique- N37
  33. Independent Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard- N38
  34. Luxurious Jewels by Lexie- N39
  35. Thirty One- E3
  36. Color Wheels- E4
  37. Mary Kay- E5
  38. Embellished with Shanda-E7
  39. Noah’s Art- W12
  40. Plunder Jewelry-E6
  41. Susan work of art-W13
  42. BE KIND-W6
  43. Slimy Treasures- W7
  44. Favor Wreaths- N38
  45. BEHJ Woodworking- N34
  46. Paparazzi- E8
  47. Studio 93 Clothing-N16
  48. The Mystic Monkey- N17
  49. Agnes & Dora by Denise- E10
  50. Young Living- E11
  51. Arashi Creations -N10
  52. Cleo’s Kitchen South TXN9
  53. Lularoe Cambella-N41
  54. Lake Houston Pilates-N40
  55. Shirts and Stitches-E26
  56. Livie and Maggie-E25
  57. Mr. Slime- E24
  58. The Juelrey Boutique-W14
  59. Park Lane Jewelry- E23
  60. Bloomtex- E22
  61. Searle’s Pearls-E21
  62. Roots In Harmony- E20
  63. Kenzie’s Southern Boutique- E19
  64. Triple R Crafty Gifts- E18
  65. Aziz Cookies-W5
  66. Pioneer Mercantile LLC x2- E1 & E2
  67. Southern Beauty- E17
  68. Smudge Free Society- N8
  69. WineShop– N42
  70. Premier Jewelry- N29
  71. N & M Bath Essentials-N43
  72. My Little Bow Shop- N7







If you have ANY QUESTIONS please email us at koutourevent@gmail.com. Please do not contact us via social media because we may not receive your message.




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