Koutour E- Market

If you are a online shopper but you want a bit more unique one of a kind items then you want to join this group. Most vendor’s are crafter’s, jewelry makers, home and decor and boutique owners of all kinds.

Each month we will have up to 20 different vendors in different industries. This is the spot to shop if you want to support small businesses that are local to our community.


Brand Access

Koutour E-Market is a private shopping group and it’s invite only. Each brand will have an opportunity to have their promotional video posted to educate shoppers on their products.

Here is a list of products we are looking for but not limited too!

1. Bath and Body
2. Women’s clothing and accessories
3. Home goods
4. Children’s clothes
5. Pet care and accessories
6. Men clothing and accessories
7. Woodworking
8. Hair Care
9. Paper goods
10. Home and garden

Rules of Engagement

1. Brands have to fill out an application to be considered.

2. Brands need to pay the fee of $20 the day of approval or you can be replaced.

3. Brands have to invite at minimum 5 shoppers to ask to join the group.

4. Brands can only post 1 item every hour. Spamming is not allowed or you will be removed.

5. Brands out of courtesy need to let their guest know a minimum 1 week in advance that their shopping month is happening, that it is virtual, they have to request to be accepted in the group.

6. Brands have to send products that were ordered out within 7 business days and a customer should receive it within 2 week. Please have great customer service during and after the event.

Once the current shopping month has ended all vendor post and videos will be deleted and fresh set of vendors will post the following month. All added shoppers will stay in group until they decide to leave.

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