Koutour Trunk Show

The Koutour Trunk Show will provide your residence with a unique shopping experience with boutique items for men,women and children, all natural handmade bath and body products, home goods, and pet care items and accessories. Along with great shopping we can provide complimentary refreshments, food and live music to create a comfortable ambiance while they shop. We are looking to host a show once a month on the weekends, Friday, Saturday or Sunday if possible. We will have normally 10 to 15 vendors all in different industries participate.

The Koutour Trunk Show is dedicated to gathering Houston’s growing small business community and supporting charities by connecting locally conscious consumers with sellers from all over Houston. By supporting vendors based in the Greater Houston area residents stand to benefit from the economic incubation effects of active participation in the local marketplace.

If you want Koutour Event to host the Koutour Trunk Show at your property please fill out the form below. If you are interested in becoming a vendor please fill out the vendor application. 

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