BOOFEST was a huge success this year AGAIN!!! We all had so much fun and I will add more pictures as they come in but in the meantime checkout the videos and pictures we have now!






Ascension “Wine down” Wednesday 08/21/19

Wine Down Wednesdays is a hand guided wine tasting. You will be guided through a selection of hand crafted Artisan wines. We will serve at every W.D.W pairing foods that go with the wines that will be served that evening along with alternate beverage choices of water, coffee and tea.

When we thought of hosting a Wine Down Wednesday we wanted it to be more than just a evening of lazy wine drinking and snack eating. We envisioned a real wine tasting so we can educate ourselves and others on the many different wines out there. Also we wanted a networking group that isn’t about work or making money but about getting to know people and meet new ones.




Pink Popcorn Market August 18, 2019

Creating simple, pleasant and affordable events with the consumer and business owner in mind.

We host simple and diverse market’s that our community, Kingwood TX. can enjoy. During our market’s you will see myriad of small, local and community conscious businesses. Our events are centered around the artisan crafter, farmer and grass root business owner but we do allow a limited number of direct sales to participate.

We only host market’s on Sunday. Why a Sunday? Sunday’s are less busy, relaxing and the hour of 1 pm to 5 pm are perfect because most are out of service and it’s not too late for those who work the next business day.


Linda has fresh popped popcorn for you guys at the #PinkPopcornMarket! She has many different unique flavors that you guys should stop by and try!



[]Great opportunity to join a class! Buy a t-shirt for $25 and you will receive the opportunity to take classes free for a month!

Julia, home schools mom of 6 has some of the the best children’s books and she is certified to go into schools to sell books of higher quality and it comes with a personal touch. Stop by today and hear in depth what she can provide for you.

Jessica has the cutest boutique I have seen and she does not disappoint! From her summer hot girl clothing line #AYA and her exquisite jewelry she can get you ready for any casual occasion!



Look how amazing these pieces are! All handmade and #Pedriana also makes custom jewelry for any occasion.

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EJ customizes all her fall decor items, bags and candles. Today she is giving you a taste of what is to come at the #PinkPopcornMarket!

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Since a child Linda expressed a passion for baking by learning through her mother. Linda takes the love of baking and puts it all in her business #TheSingleCupcake. She is her at the #PinkPopcornMarket and has some goodies she wants to share with you!



Vanessa has been in the beauty industry for 15 years and has started a new journey with products that have exceeded expectations for decades, Mary Kay! She is here now at the #PinkPopcornMarket!



Organic beauty products!!! It smells so amazing in her booth!



Kid’s Jubilee

This is the last big FREE FUN day before the school year starts so we are going to end the summer with a bang and have A Kid’s Jubilee!! There will be food, games, bounce houses and slides, shopping and entertainment!














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Taste of Kingwood 2019

Kingwood is more then just a pretty place!

Kingwood is full of beauty and the residence are just as wonderful. It has a reputation that no one can compete with when it comes to the standards of it’s schools and neighborhoods. Kingwood is more then just a pretty place it has a thriving small business community that is made up with a jazzy selection of many different industries. You can literally find anything you need right here!

The Taste of Kingwood isn’t just about food it’s giving outsiders and new residents a “Taste” of what Kingwood and the surrounding area have to offer them in business opportunities, restaurants, clubs, schools and family friendly activities. Last year’s Taste of Kingwood was a blast and with a great turn out we know the second annual Taste of Kingwood would be blast!

When you come to the Taste of Kingwood you will be able to sample a variety of different foods and drinks from all over the world! We will also have our traditional market with lots of great shopping, entertainment provided by Mojo Faction Band and something for the kids.

Please bring your whole family, fur babies too and friends and get out and mingle!



Make A Wreath Fundraiser by Pure Intentions + Wine & Design

Sarah Jane of Pure Intentions and Chantel Brown of Wine & Design came together and hosted a fundraiser to raise money for the Carousel for the Koutour Christmas Market. The night was full of laughter, great conversation, wine and arts and crafts. We brought out our creative side and made Christmas wreaths! We hope to see you at the Koutour Christmas Market Dec. 8th 2018 12pm to 6pm.




Taste of Kingwood 2018


Kingwood Smoke House


The Sala Lady
Taste of Kingwood 2018
Taste of Kingwood 2018
Kettle Korn
Taste of Kingwood 2018
Knotty Woodworx
Knotty Woodorx
Knotty Woodworx