Scentsy by Danier


In February of 2012, I was invited to my first Scentsy Party. I quickly fell in love with the products. I immediately decided to become a Scentsy Consultant. It could not have come at a better time. I was off from work due to breaking my right wrist. So, I really was in need of some extra income and Scentsy provided that for me. I have never regretted joining this company. I love how Scentsy is always coming up with new products and new scents. Scentsy is like belonging to a great big family. Scensty is a great company!




Being yourself. It feels good. So does smooth and moisturized skin. Scentsy Body products help you express your individuality through fragrance while nourishing your skin with vitamin-rich formulas. Scentsy Body is fragrance that feels good.



Certified Consultant



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