Please fill out the short form below if you need more information or have any questions before we start working together.

You need a website?

I can create a demo plug and go website for your new business based off you social media pages! I create all my websites through WordPress and there are many different themes to choose from, some free and some cost anywhere from $25 to $200. I will build you a website through a free theme, add instructions on what you should put in each section of the website. If you are just starting out I recommend the free themes because they are really nice and my website too was created with a free theme.

If you love the work that I do and you want the demo so you can add in your content the total cost will be $100.00. That includes your custom domain name and the plug and go demo, and e-commerce if you have one.

Need business coaching?

I will spend one on one time with you and your business getting to know your products and services and yourself. After I have all the information and understand your vision I can find the most effective and efficient ways to help you market, brand and create content for your specific business. I charge $25 per hour but most meetings unless you need more time are 2 hours. To make the most of our time together have your questions and what you need help with ready to go.




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