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I am giving you an opportunity to help and bless someone else using my business, Koutour Event. It’s super simple and easy! Step 1- You book a market or a few.Step 2- You invite a friend to set up THEIR OWN booth for FREE for every market you attend. What’s the catch nothing. Vendor DealsContinue reading “Book and Bring a Friend for FREE!”

How to TARGET Your Audience


1. What is a Target Audience.
2. How to determine your Target Audience.
3. Why it is necessary and why you need to be laser focused.

Definitions I will go over.

Target Audience- This is your ideal customer or client that you want to consume your content, product or service.
Actual Audience- This is who is actually consuming your content, product or service.

How do You create a Target Audience?

1. Finding what makes you special and stand out.
2. Your passions and things that make you wake up everyday.

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Picking the RIGHT Market for Your Business: YOUTUBE VIDEO

There are so many factors that go into picking the right market for your business and some people do not know what to look for. Below are some of the key things to consider before you book ANY MARKET. After all, taking your online store or brick and mortar on the road takes a lotContinue reading “Picking the RIGHT Market for Your Business: YOUTUBE VIDEO”