Vendor Booking Management

Never worry about keeping up with vendor applications, taking payment or building a website or changing your system to accommodate ! Here at Koutour Event you can utilize our platform to manage your vendors bookings while you worry about the important aspects of your event, the actual planning.

This service is not for everyone but for the following,
1. Someone who wants to host markets but do not have a system in place or do not want to add one to their current system.
2. Someone who currently host markets but needs a better tracking system.
3. Someone who currently hosts markets but would like to outsource the task with keeping up with vendors.

Our Service


If you do not have a system built into your current website or platform where it is easy to book vendors then we can definitely help you. We will create your custom booking page on our website that will include your calendar, bio, links to social pages or website and pricing.

Vendor Booking Management

We make sure that you are not over booking, double booking or under booking for your events or markets and try to keep your booking goals. You will receive all the vendor applications via email so that you can have access to their contact information. You can also request to have a booking report sent directly to your email which includes who, when and how your vendors booked.

You will never have to worry about overbooking because we will only book the max number of vendor that you have requested.

Double Booking
We will create a custom application based off your needs and we review all applications to ensure that you are not booking the same vendor or too many similar vendors.

Under Booking
If we notice that you are not performing well we will create a custom and targeted ad that will run for 7 days on the Koutour Event Page. This will help you reach more unsuspecting vendors and you will have access to our vendors.

The Custom Booking System

We will create a custom and seamless system where your vendors can easily view the information needed to book your markets or events. You can view other partnership markets and event HERE for an example of what your listing will look like.

This includes the following,

  1. Custom page on Koutour Event
  2. Custom Application
  3. Google Calendar or date on your page.
  4. Personal Payment Platform

Are You Ready ?

If you are ready to move forward click the link below and fill out the form, submit your payment and we will contact you once your booking portal is ready. If we need more information we will contact you with the contact information you provided.

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Use the hashtag #vendlikeaboss on Facebook or send a message from the contact form.