Vendor Contract and Agreement


Koutour Event Vendor/VIP contract

Event Venue
8 N. Main St.
Kingwood, TX. 77339

The event’s Koutour host are dedicated to gathering Houston’s growing small business community and connecting locally conscious consumers with sellers from around the city.

What We Provide
1. Space for you to conduct business.
2. Entertainment, food and beverage for your customers via other vendors such as food vendors.
3. Publicizing of the event consistently until event day on many different platforms starting 3 weeks before the day of the event.

Why Vend With Us?
1. We are a community conscious and we focus on building up our communities from within by supporting our small businesses and local charities.
2. We do strategic targeted marketing for all of our event’s.
3. We make the logistics of event day very simple for our vendors by guiding them to their space, answering any and all questions.

Vendor Set up rules
1. Set up time 8:00 am to 11:30 am( may vary depending on venue)
2. All paid vendor’s will receive a map of the center for directions and upon arrival will be directed by a staff member on where to set up and park.
3. You cannot block the flow of traffic! You will unload near your space and will be directed to go park before you set up.
4. No leaving your belongings out in the way of others.
5. No bad language
7. Stay inside the event space with your products and you cannot leave early.
8. Koutour is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Rules of Engagement 

Vendor’s leaving early.

In the vendor agreement and Event Logistics that are both on our website it states that vendor’s are not to leave early. If you need to leave early for any reason you cannot pack up your booth during the event selling times. You can cover you booth table and it’s goods with a cloth to signify that you are currently not selling. If you pack up during the selling times you cannot vend with Koutour Event from that point on. You forfeit any events you prepaid for as well. 

1. It is not fair and it is very disrespectful to all the other vendor’s that paid the same price and stayed until 6:00 pm.
2. It also tells the community (your customers) that you were not willing to stick around and wait for them.
3. It also gives Koutour Event a bad reputation that our vendors never stay until the event is over.

Vendors who do not show!

If you book markets and do not show up after 3 times you will forfeit your prepaid market’s and will not be refunded.

Wine, beer  and liquor vendor’s

You are not allowed to sample any alcoholic beverages without proper licensing and permits. You know the law.

Rules of Engagement

1. You have to have a sales tax permit if you are charging tax. It has to be in sight because it is the law.
2. You have to have a food vendor license NOT a food handlers because they are not the same. It has to be in sight because it is the law.
3. You have to have a license and permits to sample and serve alcoholic beverages. It has to be in sight because it is the law.

If you leave early after that then you will be banned from participating in Koutour Event event’s. This goes for prepaid event’s, Vendor deals and VIP.

You need to put in a 1 weeks notice to let me know you cannot make it so I can get your space filled. If you do not or find you cannot make it closer to the date you cannot roll over your event.


The Contract

This contract is made effective once vendor/business owner pays the vendor fee or any service Koutour Event has set forth. This contract serves as an agreement of distribution of services and compensation in the planning of all events hosted by Koutour Event.

Scope of Services
Koutour is responsible for the planning and coordination of the all events unless otherwise specified. This shall include making appropriate reservations, creating a format for all marketing materials, reserving necessary space for the event, and handling on-site logistics.

ADVERTISING BY VENDORS: Approved vendors are responsible for their individual business advertising for each market they have leased space. Vendors are recommended to share Koutour Event market flyers, Social Media event listings, invite social media friends to social media event listings, and other promotional activities for the market dates they are approved. Vendors should not mislead the public by advertising inaccurate information that deviates from advertising made by Koutour Event.

MARKET SALES, SIZE & TRAFFIC:  Koutour Event does not estimate, guarantee nor is responsible for vendor sales, customer traffic, or vendor rentals and attendance amounts, regardless if the market is small or big, or not in accordance with customer or vendor expectations.

Koutour Event ADVERTISING: Koutour Event advertises and markets Koutour Event and its marketplaces to attract and maintain general marketplace customers, promote positive community involvement and generate additional foot traffic for marketplaces. Costs of marketing are included in the gross space rental price and are non-refundable.

MARKET PHOTOGRAPHY: Koutour Event may photograph and record: the property owner (venue), vendors, guests, customers and events during the normal course of business to advertise and/or market Koutour Event.  Koutour Event reserves all rights. Commercial licensing is extended to approved vendors to use their specific photographs taken by Koutour Event for use in their advertising and marketing. Costs of the commercial licensing are included in the gross rental price for their space.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Vendors must be 18 years of age or older to lease vendor spaces at Koutour Event markets. Minor vendors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in which name the application, agreement and payment must be submitted.

Garage SELLERS: Rummage sellers are any individual selling gently used, pre-owned items not intended to be sold as a business (garage sale and yard sale types). SELECT THE RUMMAGE SELLER SPACES to receive the appropriate space rental price. Koutour Event handles permitting, on-site police security scheduling, advertising and coordination rather than individuals having to do so for private garage sales. Rummage sellers are permitted to leave the market prior to public closing times, as long as their departure is done so safely. Rummage sellers wishing to leave should contact Koutour Event staff prior to their departure for further instruction. Other than any exceptions to this policy this section may provide, rummage sellers are to adhere to these vendor agreement terms.

TEXAS COTTAGE FOOD LAW, CANNING, HONEY & FARM VENDORS: All vendors must comply with the applicable local, state and federal laws regarding the handling, preparation and sales of their consumable products. Vendors are required to obtain and maintain all required licensing, certifications and permits, including the Texas Food Handlers Certificate and Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit which is required to be displayed at market. Vendors must have the required labeling and packaging for their products in accordance with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Vendors wishing to provide samples must prepackage and label all samples given to the public in accordance with state law. Koutour Event reserves the right to check vendor products for compliance at any time. Koutour Event is not responsible for any action of the government against the vendor relating to the vendor’s food business before, during or after market day. Refer to the Texas Department of State Health Services at or the appropriate local health department.

VENDOR LICENSING AND PERMITS: Vendors are responsible for obtaining all required licenses, permits, etc. to conduct their business. Vendors are also responsible for displaying these legal documents to the public during all Koutour Event markets they participate, as required by law. Vendors must display their Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit for all taxable goods and services sold at market. NOTE: It is your responsibility to obtain a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit as required. Please refer to the Texas Administrative Code 3.286 subsection B, 1. Koutour Event may request copies of these documents at any time. Koutour Event is not responsible for vendor failure to obtain or maintain legal requirements, or any business closure or shut down by any regulatory agency. Any vendor required to cease business at market forfeits all payments made to Koutour Event and shall leave the premises immediately. Vendors not knowing where to obtain these items are recommended by Koutour Event to seek advice from an attorney.

VENDOR ORGANIZATION: All storage and product boxes must be kept hidden under covered tables or in vehicles. Displays, products, storage containers, etc. must be confined to vendor’s space rental only. Spaces shall be kept neat and clean at all times. Vendors are responsible for maintaining a clean space, as well as properly discarding and removing trash. All vendor trash must be taken with the vendor at the end of market. Any items left behind may be relocates or discarded by Koutour Event and/or the venue. Koutour Event is not responsible for any loss as a result of the removal of vendor’s property at the end of market. Repeated violations of this section will result in the addition or increase of a clean-up fee added to the gross space rental price for the market location.

VENDOR TRASH: Vendors are responsible for properly cleaning and discarding all waste within and surrounding their space rental. All vendor trash must be taken with the vendor at the end of market. Vendors who fail to clean their area will be invoiced a $50 clean up fee, in the event a deposit is not charged upfront, and is due upon receipt. Vendor’s failure to pay the clean-up fee results in loss of future space rental without refund, at which time the invoice cancels. Any items left behind may be relocated or discarded by Koutour Event and/or the venue. Koutour Event is not responsible for any loss as a result of the removal of vendor’s property at the end of market. Repeated violations of this section will result in the addition or increase of a clean-up fee added to the gross space rental price for the market location.

VENDOR PARKING: Vendors are required to park, unload and load from the designated vendor parking areas as directed on the website and/or at check-in. Vendors are prohibited from parking in or near the market area. Failure to follow instructions results in the vendor’s loss of space rental at market without refund.

FORCE MAJURE: Koutour Event is not liable for any failure to perform any obligation under any agreement, or for any delay in performance, due to events or circumstances beyond Koutour Event reasonable control including, but not limited to weather, acts of God, acts or threats of terrorism, government acts, technical failures, fire, or other similar events or circumstances. Koutour Event is not liable for any act by any local municipality, county, state or venue which may result in the failure of Koutour Event to perform any obligation under any agreement, or for any delay in performance including, but not limited to cancellations of markets, placing additional restrictions on vendor participation, changes to market dates, times or locations at venue, failing to enforce laws or ordinances affecting a market.

Koutour Event Virtual Market Policy: NOTE: Koutour Event has created a social media buy/sell group for vendors in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. This section replaces traditional in-person market day operation policy sections, as necessary, for the practical operation of an online market. All other policies still apply. ONLINE MARKET POLICY: Participating vendors must complete the online application and make payments by the 1st of every month in order to participate in Koutour Event Virtual Market .Koutour Virtual Market will run all month long from the 1st to the last day of the calendar month. APPROVAl upon approval, participating vendors are accepted into the Koutour Event Virtual Market group as a moderator. Moderators do not have authority to accept/deny group join requests, make changes of any kind, etc., and are only for classification as an approved participating vendor. Only current moderators can post as vendors. ONLINE/GROUP SALES PRACTICES: Participating vendors are responsible for all sales transactions, customer communication, disputes, delivery/shipping arrangements, etc. Koutour Event may attempt to contact a participating vendor at the request of a customer or for any reported post/comment/reply for the sole purposes of establishing communication between the participating vendor and the customer, or to resolve issues regarding reported group content. Participating vendors are also recommended to report posts/comments/replies of group customers who may also need to be addressed. Koutour Event  is not liable for any bad faith practices of the vendor or the customer. GROUP ETIQUETTE: Everyone must maintain professionalism and courtesy within the group and during all business discussions. Participating vendors are required to post all important information customers need to make a buying decision. Sales posts must be accurately represented and advertised, and follow all local, state, and federal laws, as well as Facebook Terms of Service, Merchant Agreements, etc. All Facebook group rules must also be followed. Participating vendors must remove or edit posts with outdated information, and mark “SOLD” or “UNAVAILABLE” on product posts as applicable. RENEWALS: Participating vendors must renew their monthly participation each month. At the end of every month, participating vendors are reviewed for renewals. If a vendor fails to submit their application and payment for the next month, the vendor is removed as a moderator until they complete the process again for renewal. GIFT CARDS/VENDOR CREDITS: Vendors may choose to apply their Koutour Event  vendor credits towards their Koutour Event Virtual Market participation fees by using their eGift  code at checkout. PRORATIONS/REFUNDS: Koutour Event does not prorate nor refund any portion of a participating vendor’s fees for any reason. DEFAULT OF THIS SECTION: Any participating vendor found in default of this section or any other applicable section of this vendor policy and rental agreement will be immediately removed from Koutour Event Virtual Market  traditional Koutour Event markets.

Koutour will make an effort to select an alternate venue or date for outdoor events where weather is a concern if possible. In the event of severe weather that may disrupt the event or prevent it from being held, Koutour can propose an alternate date or make the market online/virtua. Koutour Event will make the best effort to accommodate that change as per the clause above. If we cannot reschedule you will be able to credit your money to another event or service.

Date Changes and Cancellations
Should the date of the event change, Koutour will make the best effort possible to accommodate with a new date or a virtual market. The vendor understands that last-minute changes can affect the quality of the final event and that these changes are not necessarily the fault of Koutour. Koutour will do everything in it’s power to make sure there are no cancellations. If there are any cancellations Koutour Event has the right to decide if a vendor can credit their money towards another event or service or they if they will receive a refund.

Refund Policy

You are allowed to credit money towards future events or a service only one time and if spaces permit. You can only credit if all guidelines are met and it was the fault of Koutour Event. There are no cash, debit or credit refunds. If are in a direct sales company or MLM company and do not put that as your business name you can only credit when space is available. There will not be any refunds given if you cannot participate! Please follow directions! This keeps double bookings from happening.

Public Defaming

You are not allowed to slander Koutour Event, SJPEvent, Owners/ Operators/Employees on any social platform, blogs, website or in any publications. You can leave a truthful review of your experience on the Koutour Event Facebook page. If you fail to follow these rules we will file a claim for defamation of character. If you fail to follow these rules you will forfeit whatever you paid towards events and services, meaning you will not be able to vend anymore and you will not be given a credit.

By paying your market’s or services you, vendor or small business owner has indicated that you have read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions presented above.

Vendor/Business owner once you have paid your invoice or through the online store you agree to the terms and conditions of this contract. Prices subject to change without notice.

Koutour Event

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