Vendor Set up and Market Information

Current Covid 19 Updates and Changes

Due to the pandemic dates needed to be rescheduled or if they could not the vendors from the cancelled date will be moved to another market of their choice.

If you booked a market and you are in direct sales you may see another representative from your company at the same event. I know that this may be inconvenient for some but please understand these are not typical circumstances.

Please review the each market type to have a better idea of what will benefit you the most.

Signature Koutour Markets– Hosted on select Saturdays, 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 

Pink Popcorn Markets– Hosted on Select Sundays, 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Koutour Event Virtual Market Hosted on Facebook in a public group and is a ONE TIME fee of $15.

BEERFEST & BOOFEST are the ONLY markets that are hosted 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM !

Vendor Set up rules for The Taste of Kingwood


  1. Tent
  2. Tables
  3. Chairs
  4. Enough products
  5. Business cards and flyers

1. Set up time 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
2. All vendors can pick their own spot but you will be provided a map of the park.
3. You cannot block the flow of traffic! You will unload near your space and you need to go park before you set up.
4. No leaving your belongings out in the way of others.
5. No bad language
7. Stay inside the event space with your products and you cannot leave early.
8. Koutour Event is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Rules of Engagement 

Vendor’s leaving early.

In the vendor agreement and Event Logistics that are both on our website it states that vendor’s are not to leave early. If you need to leave early for any reason you cannot pack up your booth during the event selling times. You can cover you booth table and it’s goods with a cloth to signify that you are currently not selling. If you pack up during the selling times you cannot vend with Koutour Event from that point on. You forfeit any events you prepaid for as well. 

1. It is not fair and it is very disrespectful to all the other vendor’s that paid the same price and stayed until 6:00 pm.
2. It also tells the community (your customers) that you were not willing to stick around and wait for them.
3. It also gives Koutour Event a bad reputation that our vendors never stay until the event is over.

Vendors who do not show!

If you book markets and do not show up after 3 times regardless the reason you will forfeit your prepaid market’s and will not be refunded.

Wine, beer  and liquor vendor’s

You are not allowed to sample any alcoholic beverages without proper licensing and permits. You know the law.

Rules of Engagement

1. You have to have a sales tax permit if you are charging tax. It has to be in sight because it is the law.
2. You have to have a food vendor license NOT a food handlers because they are not the same. It has to be in sight because it is the law.
3. You have to have a license and permits to sample and serve alcoholic beverages. It has to be in sight because it is the law.

If you leave early after that then you will be banned from participating in Koutour Event event’s. This goes for prepaid event’s, Vendor deals and VIP.

You need to put in a 1 weeks notice to let me know you cannot make it so I can get your space filled. If you do not or find you cannot make it closer to the date you cannot roll over your event.

Kingwood Town Center Park Map- The squares and numbers on the map do not mean anything unless said otherwise. There is a legend that tells you where all the electric boxes( green squares) are.

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