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Thank you for joining the club ! I am so happy that you have decided to join our community of like minded business owners looking to help, inspire and motivate. Here we are free to discuss our vendor experiences, what we want to see in the vendor market sector and get to know each other and build a true community ! Please make sure you buy this months book club pick, Emotional Intelligence so you can join in on the zoom discussion about it at the end of the month.

Please enjoy the live member chat at the bottom of the page ! It is accessible 24/7 while logged in and you can have discussion on endless topics that you yourself can create. I have already created forums that you can create topics under. Please note that this is a safe place to have conversation.

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July 1 , 2021 Topic Bundle: Preparing for Market: The Fundamentals

This month you will learn what to do before you attend your first market ! Here is what this months bundle will cover.

  • Understanding the purpose of vendor markets.
  • Finding your why.
  • Preparing your family and team.
  • Getting familiar with city and county rules.
  • Figuring out a marketing plan.
  • The essential equipment.

Zoom Meeting Schedule
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Meeting has been cancelled

Book of The Month

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
by Travis Bearberry

Emotional Intelligence for Self Development and Personal Growth Are you ready to take your personal growth into your own hands and change everything for the better?


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